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The East Dulwich Tavern – East Dulwich

The East Dulwich Tavern. Now this is a cool pub. This is so cool that it’s usually known just by its initials. EDT. Obviously it’s cool. It’s an Antic pub. You can tell this from the fact that all of the lamp shades are on wonky.


Of course it’s not just the wonky lampshades that link all Antic pubs, it’s also the quality and kookiness. Like a great aunt visiting from the countryside in a 1950s childrens’ book, all Antic pubs seem to be big, eccentric and brilliant fun.

Much like the advice on the blackboard above, everything in this pub makes you stop and think ‘oh, should that be there? I’m not used to seeing that in a pub. But thinking about it, it makes perfect sense. I’m going to get a beer’.

The mis-matched furniture, the cups and jugs hanging on the wall alongside old radios…all of it somehow works.

But it’s not just the decor that makes these pubs great.

Antic now have a growing number of pubs, mainly around the South London area. All have their own distinct character but what they share in common is a fantastic standard of food and drink.

The EDT has 10 hand pumps with a rotation of real ales and is included in the Good Beer Guide 2015 (n.b. this may also in future be referred to as ‘The Good Book’ in posts on this blog). It also serves ale from the Volden brewery which is brewed exclusively for Antic pubs and is well worth a try.

And as far as the food is concerned, I can personally highly recommend the cheese and bacon beef burger with house sauce. (See below).


Above all, and especially in the case of the EDT, Antic pubs are generally just blummin beautiful buildings.


En Brogue was particularly taken with the floor tiles, which she was informed may well be originals, which would make them over 120 years old (although the barman didn’t look too convinced with this fact), either way it made a great shoefie background.

Any regular readers of this blog will know that I myself am fond of a nice little quirky touch. In Antic pubs it’s difficult to find something that isn’t quirky. However, the thing that really caught my attention in the EDT was the focus on music.


I’m not sure that the music would have been coming from a beautiful machine such as the one above, but whilst En Brogue, Grenson and I, enjoyed our lunch we were entertained by an eclectic mix that swayed seamlessly through Hip Hop, Blues and … Charleston! Much like everything else in the pub the sounds from the speakers made me think ‘this is odd … and I like it’.

My favourite touch of all was the fact that all of the menus were backed by a classic album.


Wonky lampshades, 10 different real ales, it’s own exclusive brew, cheese and bacon burgers with house sauce, antique floor tiles and menus served with classic vinyl?! What more could anyone ask for in a pub??


The Man and the Dog.


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