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Old Swan and Minster Mill – Cotswolds

It was Grenson mini-break time again last weekend (yes, I know he’s spoilt!). This time we ventured up to the Cotswolds and the Old Swan and Minster Mill.


Now, there is dog friendly, and then there is dog SUPER friendly! All of the staff here seem to have been vetted not just for their love of dogs, but also to make sure that they are the kind of people who stop everything in order to make a fuss of any dog in the vicinity. Needless to say, Grenson loved it!

When he got to his room and found a doggy bed and a bowl of biscuits waiting for him he loved it even more.


And when I found a bottle of sloe gin waiting for me I loved it too!


But it’s not just the treats in the room that made us love this place. The accommodation is split between the Minster Mill (a series of rooms/apartments set along the banks of the River Windrush), and the old pub which is 600 years old. Yes that’s right, 600 years old! That means that conceivably you could have found locals in here supping pints and discussing the fact that Chris Columbus had apparently found a place called America … “well he says he’s discovered it , but try telling that to the indigenous people who have been living there for centuries. He should stick to directing The Goonies if you ask me, now I’ll have me another ale and some scampi fries please” … is probably how the conversation went, I imagine.

The properties are also set in 65 acres of dream walking land. Grenson particularly liked his early morning stroll along the river.


And if you are eating here (which you must) you are going to need some gut busting walks.

The food is absolutely delicious. Look at this…


I started with poached cacklebean (no idea?!) egg, peas, bacon and walnuts, moved on to 8oz rare Longhorn ribeye, chips, land cress and truffle salad served with bearnaise sauce, and finished up with custard tart with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Notice that the dessert actually has a bite shaped amount missing. Sorry it looked too mouthwatering, I couldn’t wait to start. All of it was fantastic.

Grenson didn’t miss out either. While I was digging in to the above feast, the chef made him his very own dinner.


Unfortunately he couldn’t wait for pictures either and licked the bowl clean. I think it may have been the best thing he’d ever eaten…until they brought him his sausage at breakfast time!

So if you’re looking for chocolate box perfect villages, stunning river walks, food to make you wobble and dog friendliness off the scale, then I heartily recommend a visit to the Old Swan and Minster Mill; you and your four legged friend won’t be disappointed.


The Man and the Dog.