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I am a man. In fact I am THE man. A bold statement I think you’ll agree, but in the context of Man About A Dog Blog I can safely say that the Man part is down to me.

Here I am:


Mark Rochell, 39 years of age, wearing glasses, sporting a beard and enjoying a beer. That pretty much sums me up. Until recently I was an accountant, but eventually the excitement became far too much for me and so I’m currently taking a bit of time out. This employment hiatus has led to a period of free time which has finally allowed us to bring into our lives the only part of Man About A Dog that any of you are really interested in…the dog!

Here he is:


Grenson, 12 weeks old, miniature schnauzer, sporting a beard and enjoying a cuddle. That pretty much sums him up. When deciding to bring a dog into our lives my wife, Hannah, envisaged a small dog that would be very partial to cuddles on the sofa. I was also very much in favour of this, but my number one requirement was a dog that would walk to the pub with me and curl up at my feet as I enjoyed a beer and a read of the paper…possibly whilst sitting in a leather chair next to an open fire….probably with a packet of scratchings…each.

It is therefore my aim to get Grenson out and about to as many fine public houses, hotels, cafes and hostelries as I possibly can, as soon as I possibly can.

As a result of airing this plan to Hannah, (who is also in her spare time the flat shoe blogger ‘En Brogue‘),  she came up with idea of me writing a blog about all the places Grenson and I visit in our quest for fine food, fine ales and fine times for a man and his four-legged friend.

And so I decided to give it a try. After all, no man needs to be asked to go out for a beer twice!!

I hope you enjoy.

The Man and the Dog.




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