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Minibreak Part 3 – Bristol

I woke up with a little pounding drum inside my head that hadn’t been there the night before. Those Stereophonics boys know their ale. Only one thing could help. Hotel breakfast!

I can only state that the Welsh breakfast (the sausages included leeks) at Llechwen Hall is an absolute life saver.


If this hotel didn’t already have my seal of approval then the scrambled eggs alone would have qualified it for highly recommended status. Black pudding AND a hash brown. And that is a healthy and very agreeable portion of beans I think you’ll all agree, (without a separate pot in sight).

Feeling more alive, I remembered that having bored Grenson in the pub during the entirety of the previous night, I had promised him a decent walk. Luckily for me, Llechwen Hall is situated on a mountain with acres of good walking land all around it. So we set off and found a lovely walk virtually on our doorstep.

The Welsh weather was doing its thing with drizzle and high winds, and after an hour walking around the green green grass of home, all cobwebs had been blown to smithereens! Bracing!


It was now time to begin the long journey home. However, a pitstop would be needed along the way for paw stretching and lunch, and I had the perfect little place in mind. Basically, if you are ever in the vicinity of Bristol there is only one place to go for lunch. The Pear Cafe.

En Brogue (my wife) and the owner of the Pear Cafe, Elly Curshen (Elly Pear), have recently become firm friends (mainly cultivated through a shared love of brogues and Breton stripe tops). As a result we went for  a visit last year and I was presented with this thing of beauty…


There is chicken crackling in that sandwich! A sandwich with CHICKEN CRACKLING in it!!!

How could I not make a slight detour for the chance to experience a sandwich of that genius again? Frankly, if I’d have been in Edinburgh I’d have still considered a detour not unreasonable.

You won’t only love this place if you are a chicken crackling fan like me. Elly is in fact a Pescetarian so you can find plenty of vegetarian and vegan choices too.


From these suggestions I am also willing to give a glowing character reference for the Grandma’s Egg and Onion filling.

Obviously after the Welsh breakfast I’d consumed merely hours earlier, I felt that personally I could only opt for yet more read meat … and chicken crackling. Have I mentioned the CHICKEN CRACKLING?!


Notice also in this picture a very subtle advertisement (it’s a slippery slope I know).

Elly has her first book coming out on April 7th Elly Pear’s Fast Days & Feast Days full of great recipes based around the 5:2 diet. Follow the link to pre order from Amazon, and also note that it is already a #1 best seller. Well done Elly! Whoop!

Due to the fact that I then followed up the above sandwich with one of her deadly chocolate brownies (sorry no picture, it was too delicious for wasting time on that nonsense) I will be pre-ordering immediately. I think I could do with 2 months worth of fast days let alone 2 days.

My only defence is to misquote Ross from Friends – We were on a mini break!

And a very nice and enjoyable mini break it was too. We’re both already looking forward to the next one.


The Man and the Dog.