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The Plume of Feathers – Greenwich


Any avid readers of this blog will know that this alert, far from being a warning, is in fact a call of pure joy and approval.

I love an Old Man Pub. They’re always cosy. They always have comfy seats. They always have psychedelic carpets. They always have great ale. And they always have no nonsense bar snacks. In the case of The Plume of Feathers, it goes one further and supplies an electric fire for added cosiness. You don’t get much more Old Man Pub than an electric fire.


But what did you expect? Of course The Plume of Feathers is a great Old Man Pub. It’s the elder statesman of all Greenwich pubs. Built in 1691 it is the oldest pub in Greenwich. It’s virtually a world heritage site. Not only do you get to experience a fantastic pub but you get a bit of history too. It’s an educational visit if nothing else!

The provision of high quality food is not necessarily a prerequisite of an Old Man Pub, however, The Plume doesn’t disappoint in this respect either as it provides a great pub grub menu. This can be enjoyed either in the bar or the lovely little restaurant room at the rear of the building.


On top of all of this there is the added advantage for dog lovers of being just outside Greenwich Park. Grenson and I enjoyed a lovely walk, which is always good in my opinion for making your pint taste even better.


I don’t need to say much more about this beautiful pub as the following two pictures sum up both my own, and also Grenson’s feelings…



I think both pictures accurately convey our total satisfaction in this pub.

So if you feel the need for a bit of history, a walk around one of the best parks in London and to top it all off with a fine ale in a fine, fine pub (and personally I reckon this would all be enhanced with a Sunday roast, after all, what in life isn’t improved with a Sunday roast?!) then hunt out The Plume of Feathers. For you should always remember the famous old saying ‘You don’t have to be an old man to enjoy and Old Man Pub’ … (Note: it might not be famous, I may have just made it up, but it’s still true).


The Man and the Dog.



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Buenos Aires Cafe – Greenwich

The Buenos Aires Cafe brings a little bit of Argentine heat to rainy old London. I mean, how can you not feel more latin warmth just from checking out the couple tangoing (no doubt Argentine tangoing, for all you Strictly fans out there) on the website’s logo? Once inside the cafe itself, the Argentine memorabilia on the walls might have you kicking and flicking like Len and Bruno at Blackpool tower!


Grenson and I visited the cafe and deli in Greenwich but I can also highly recommend both restaurants in Blackheath and Greenwich. They offer an extensive menu but if you plan on visiting (and aren’t a veggie) then may I point you towards their signature steaks made from genuine Argentinian beef? Trust me, those Gauchos really know how to raise some prime cattle.

If, however, you are looking for great coffee, (brewed upon a Rancilio machine – which seems to be a favourite amongst South East London Barristas – see also my Arlo and Moe post), and excellent salads, sandwiches, cheeses or pastries, all consumed within a laid back latino atmospheric vibe, then look no further than the cafe and deli.


It’s also the place to head to if you have an emergency need for artisan produce. If nothing else, anything you purchase is guaranteed to look really nice on your larder shelf.


Grenson and I very much enjoyed our escape from the English drizzle, but I couldn’t shake the thought that he was trying to say something to me with the expression on his face….


….’Dude!! Where is my Argentinian beefsteak?!?!’.

Next time Grenson, next time.


The Man and The Dog.



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The Richard The First – Greenwich

Much like the subject of my last post (The Dacre Arms), this pub, The Richard The First, used to be a proper ‘old man’s pub’. You would often venture into the small front bar and find your only company to be two old timers playing dominoes (ok, the dominoes may be a figment of my imagination, but you get the gist). It was great. But with my fears about The Dacre’s survival in mind, The Richard The First probably couldn’t really go on as it was. Apparently pubs can’t survive simply on my annual visit, no matter how much I spend at the bar.

As a result, they’ve given the place a makeover, and have added a large dining area at the back plus an equally large beer garden complete with on-trend beach hut-style seating. It’s all been done with great care and looks really good. The food – pub grub with an upmarket twist – is lovely, too. Expect to find dishes like duck cottage pie and pheasant Kiev on the menu, for example. But the best part is that they have somehow managed to maintain the homely feel of the two front bars so that any passing domino players will also still be satisfied. Brilliant.



Grenson and I found ourselves a prime position in a window seat at the front and settled down with a pint of Young’s Royal Hill, one of the various special Christmas/Winter Ales on offer. Little touches like this make this pub one of my favourites during the festive period. It has become a traditional Christmas pub-crawl destination for the family ever since we ended up singing carols in there one Christmas Eve afternoon.


To be fair, it was probably the locals doing most of the carol singing (possibly the fella in the checked suit behind me in the picture above; top sartorial choice), but we definitely hummed along to The Holy and the Ivy…and may have even clapped in time to We Three Kings.

Anyway, I am very thankful that The Richard The First is still around this Christmas, because yes, it is a chain pub, and yes, it could probably be called a gastro pub, but it’s still a blimmin’ good pub. When you think of the alternative – maybe turning it into luxury apartments – then a good spruce up and the addition of delicious dining facilities is no bad thing at all.

Grenson and I like it very much, (he fell asleep again), and to top if off, on our way out we noticed a picture of the Queen Mum pulling a pint hanging on the wall. I mean, that’s almost as good as Mickey Pearce…almost.



The Man and The Dog.