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The Orchard – Brockley

We visited The Orchard on a Saturday afternoon, and despite it being what can only be described as ‘bustling’, we managed to grab a prime position on one of the leather sofas next to the Christmas tree. This comfortable spot prompted Grenson to immediately fall into a deep sleep whilst stretched out on En Brogue (or Mommy as she may be referred to in private…in relation to the dog obviously…that’s not a pet name that I have for her…that would be weird!)


With Grenson doing his famous sleeping pub dog routine, I set about ordering a beer from the extensive menu of craft beers (and also noted the ‘let’s get quizzical’ sign. Two great things in one – a pub quiz and a cheesy pun. Must return on a Sunday and make up a team with Grenson).


As we were in Brockley it felt only right to go for the local Brockley Pale Ale. After all, we all know that famous saying – ‘when in Brockley, drink Brockley ale’ (I think it’s famous anyway). I can report that it is a mighty fine ale indeed.


But it’s not just the beer menu that is impressive in this place; it’s really much more of a good foodie establishment. There’s an open plan kitchen so that you can watch the chefs at work (and be assured that none of them are picking their noses whilst preparing your dinner!), all food is prepared on site or bought from local artisan suppliers, and ingredients are sourced from independent local suppliers, too.

In short, this is a great all-round independently run bar, selling local ales from local breweries, and producing food sourced from local family run businesses. So really it’s the very definition of a modern ‘local’.

I also noted that the brunch is served until 4pm on a Saturday, so you can wake up late, then indulge in a full English, complete with secret family recipe baked beans (hello!!), or alternatively if the mood takes you (and you’re a bit of a lush) you could start the day with a Breakfast Martini.

Grenson and I will definitely be returning soon. Special baked beans and a martini sound like the perfect prep for getting quizzical! We just need to brush up on Grenson’s general knowledge…and try to keep him awake long enough to participate…


The Man and The Dog.