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Ye Olde George Inn – Shoreham

As last weekend was a bank holiday long easter weekend (yay!) we had a visit from the in-laws (a.k.a Grandma and Grandie, as Grenson knows them). As a result of this, Brother-in-law suggested that we all take a trip into the country, and more importantly, visit a little village pub that he had recently discovered.

So, on Sunday morning he gathered us together at Catford train station … Woah, hold on! That can’t be right. Catford Station?! For anyone not associated with the environment of South East London, just take it from me that countryside and village pubs are not something that you easily associate with Catford Station!

However, it turns out that surprisingly, if you take the train in the opposite direction to the big smoke, within 30 short minutes, you will find yourself in the glorious greenery of the British countryside.

Unfortunately for us we’d planned our day trip to coincide with tropical storm grade weather. With rain and hail sheeting down and ominous black clouds on the horizon we cut short our planned walk and headed straight to the pub (always the best idea if you ask me).


Disaster struck again as we approached Ye Olde George Inn to find that it didn’t open until 12 o’clock. Panic was about to set in, until I realised it was 11:59. There is nothing that makes you feel more of a party animal/serious alcoholic than banging on the door of a pub at Sunday opening time!

At 12:01 (I’ve no idea what the cause of the delay had been!?) finally the doors opened and what I found inside was well worth the wait.


Is there a more welcoming sight to a weary and sodden traveller than a roaring open fire in the hearth of a pub fireside? … well yes there is actually … that menu.

Now I could go on about the lovely friendly welcome, the fact that our early arrival was not a problem at all, or the excellent choice of fine ales. But quite frankly I simply must move straight on to the food.

I ordered the rack of lamb for my main course. Oh my! Not only did I receive a mountain of succulent lamb but it was balancing magnificently on top of a ‘black pudding and potato ribbon cake’. Behold this wondrous invention in the picture below.


It was A.MAAAZE.ING. (As the kids might say).

Whilst in a state of meaty nirvana, pudding orders were taken and I found myself presented with a dreamy chocolate fondant with Chantilly cream.


Absolute flippin HEAVEN!

Quite frankly I could have stayed here all day and had the same again for dinner.

However, Grenson had been promised a country walk, and if we were all to avoid falling into food coma, a little walk around Shoreham to burn off some of the calories was in order. It seemed like a lovely little picturesque village but alas, the heavens opened again, forcing us to abandon the walk and hastily waddle as quickly as we could with full bellies back up to the train station.

So if you feel the need for a bit of fresh air, a walk, and a belly full of black pudding and potato ribbon cake, then jump on a train from Catford and you can have it all in just over 30 minutes … admittedly that is only any good if you’re near Catford in the first place and I appreciate some of you may be a little further away… I still recommend the journey though however long it takes. BLACK PUDDING AND POTATO RIBBON CAKE!! It’s worth travelling for days for that!

Before you do set off though, it might be an idea to check the weather forecast first…


The Man and the Dog.



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