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Archibald’s – Lee

You can’t get much more dog friendly than a cafe that is named after the owners’ pooch. This is the case with Archibald’s in Lee. In addition to the canine friendliness, it also happens to be just a short walk from Manor House Gardens (which is Grenson’s favourite walk at the moment), and even better than that, as a bonus it also happens to be a fantastic little cafe.


Once you step behind the green door (ooh I came over a bit Shakin’ Stevens then for a second, sorry!), you enter a beautiful little cafe that very much feels like it belongs to a different decade … in a good way.


But it’s not just the lovely retro decor that makes this place special, it’s the top quality fare on offer – coffee from Climpson and Sons, tea from Teapigs, and cakes from … well I’m not sure where they’re from actually but I’m guessing heaven by the looks of them.


And all that is before I even mention the brunches. All I’m saying is ham and cheese in an eggy bread sandwich. Yes that’s right, you heard me, eggy bread!


If my word (and the above pictorial evidence) isn’t good enough for you, then may I just add that it was voted winner of best cafe / coffee shop in the Lewisham area for the 2015 Time Out Love London Awards, so it’s not just me singing the praises of this little place.

My only problem with this delightful cafe is that for some reason Grenson has taken to refusing to walk when he enters. Instead he has begun spreading out on all fours and insisting on being dragged across the floor like a mop. This obviously causes much glee for any customers quietly tucking into their eggy bread sandwich (Yes! EGGY BREAD!!). On the positive side he’s doing his bit for keeping the floor clean, thereby disproving any complaints that dogs shouldn’t be allowed in places because they might make the place dirty. My one sweeps up with his belly!

If the worst comes to the worst I’ll just have to carry him. I’m not missing out on this great little hidden gem. Did I mention that they do EGGY BREAD?!


The Man and the Dog.




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