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Buenos Aires Cafe – Greenwich

The Buenos Aires Cafe brings a little bit of Argentine heat to rainy old London. I mean, how can you not feel more latin warmth just from checking out the couple tangoing (no doubt Argentine tangoing, for all you Strictly fans out there) on the website’s logo? Once inside the cafe itself, the Argentine memorabilia on the walls might have you kicking and flicking like Len and Bruno at Blackpool tower!


Grenson and I visited the cafe and deli in Greenwich but I can also highly recommend both restaurants in Blackheath and Greenwich. They offer an extensive menu but if you plan on visiting (and aren’t a veggie) then may I point you towards their signature steaks made from genuine Argentinian beef? Trust me, those Gauchos really know how to raise some prime cattle.

If, however, you are looking for great coffee, (brewed upon a Rancilio machine – which seems to be a favourite amongst South East London Barristas – see also my Arlo and Moe post), and excellent salads, sandwiches, cheeses or pastries, all consumed within a laid back latino atmospheric vibe, then look no further than the cafe and deli.


It’s also the place to head to if you have an emergency need for artisan produce. If nothing else, anything you purchase is guaranteed to look really nice on your larder shelf.


Grenson and I very much enjoyed our escape from the English drizzle, but I couldn’t shake the thought that he was trying to say something to me with the expression on his face….


….’Dude!! Where is my Argentinian beefsteak?!?!’.

Next time Grenson, next time.


The Man and The Dog.




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